When A Staffing Agency Is Worth Your Time

When is a Staffing Agency Worth Your Time?

If they place the type of talent that you need.
You want an agency whose recruiters specialize in identifying candidates that use your tech stack. They need to understand what you’re looking for and what makes a good candidate for you.
If they know your work environment.
You need an agency that takes the time to learn about your work environment and culture. The recruiters should also understand your area, commuting options, and local attractions and amenities.
If they have market knowledge.
You should have an agency that has market knowledge of the salary ranges for similar needs, the demand for the technologies you want, and the types of companies attracting good candidates. This knowledge helps you know how to enhance your competitiveness to attract and retain top talent.
If they speak understand what you’re looking for.
You deserve an agency capable of understanding your specific needs and what exactly you are looking for.
If they actively source for you.
You want an agency that fills roles through active searches rather than relying on an internal database with thousands of candidates.
If they don’t spam resumes.
You should have an agency that has a valid reason as to why they send every candidate over and has a right to represent the candidate.
If they know their candidates.
You need an agency where the recruiters meet the candidates and understand how they will present themselves, their reasons for seeking a new job, their employment history, and their technical makeup.
If they don’t misrepresent you.
You should have an agency that sets expectations for candidates so there aren’t any surprises. They should represent your company to the best of their ability and present salient points that generate candidate interest.
If they recognize underlying issues.
You deserve an agency whose goal is to make the perfect match for the candidate and you and who knows what it’s going to take to fill your role. They understand your interview process, the hiring timeline, and the contributing factors that affect filling the role.
If they communicate honestly.
You want an agency that gives you and the candidate honest feedback throughout the interview process. The agency should share the candidate’s level of interest and details about what may influence the candidate’s decision.
If they are proactive.
You need an agency that will be proactive and dig deep to find the passive candidates you’re looking for and generate interest in you.
If they have quality candidates.
You should have an agency that is consistently sending you quality candidates. They have taken the time to understand your needs as well as the candidate’s needs.
If they enjoy what they do.
You deserve an agency where the recruiters enjoy what they do. They love meeting a great candidate and finding them their dream job. They thrive on telling potential candidates about your position and why they should be excited to work for your company.
If they are worth your time.
You should invest your time in working with those agencies that truly want to help you succeed and will devote their best efforts to fulfilling your needs.

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