Using a Staffing Agency During a Job Search

Using a Staffing Agency During a Job Search

Staffing agencies can connect you with exceptional opportunities and employers, helping you find well-paid jobs and work arrangements that promote a positive work-life balance.

A staffing agency has a pool of employers who are seeking candidates with specific technical skills and core competencies and a pool of job seekers who are seeking new opportunities. The agency serves as the matchmaker.

  • The employer provides an overview of their requirements such as the number of people they need, work status (contract, contract-to-hire, direct hire), qualification requirements, desired additional qualifications, and pay ranges.
  • The agency begins the search, composing job descriptions and sourcing candidates that match.
  • Potential candidates are invited to a job interview with the recruiter. If all goes well, the recruiter presents the candidate’s resume and supporting documentation to the employer. The candidate may then be invited to participate in the employer’s interview process.
  • The agency manages the hiring process, closing the deal, presenting the offer, handling the paperwork and administrative procedures, and coordinating the onboarding.

To add a new candidate to their active pool of candidates, a staffing agency will schedule a short interview with the prospect. The recruiter will help identify the candidate’s most marketable skills, assess their overall work experience, review workplace preferences and work style, discuss career goals and objectives, and identify possible areas of concern such as resume gaps to minimize their impact.

The timeline it takes for a staffing agency to find a job for a candidate depends on the agency’s efficiency, the candidate’s competency, and the range of employers they are working with. You will be placed more quickly with smaller firms where decisions are made faster. For large employers, there is a longer hiring process.

There are additional benefits gained by engaging with the staffing agency.

  • The recruiter will direct you towards alternative roles that you may not have considered. They can help with a career change and chart a path for progression in a new direction.
  • The agency will follow up on your interview, contacting the employer and filling in any blanks that may have been missed.
  • The staffing agency will polish and customize your resume and work on improving your online presence.
  • In case of a rejection, you will receive a detailed explanation of why and what you can do to improve your chances next time.
  • A professional staffing agency has a lot of industry knowledge and will give you advice and guidance to help with your career advancement.
  • Top-tier recruiters can place you in coveted roles that are hard to get without networking.
  • Working with a specialized staffing agency removes the burden of marketing yourself to potential employers.
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