Your Employees and You: Setting Sustainable Development Goals

Your Employees and You: Setting Sustainable Development Goals

Successful learning and development require motivation.  Fuel your employees’ motivation by developing learning goals that get results.

  • Make each goal specific to clearly show what your employees and you want to achieve. Precisely define the desired result and steps to be taken toward it.
  • Construct measurable goals so that your employees and you can check progress while learning and developing.
  • Formulate goals that are achievable to motivate and not frustrate.
  • Develop goals that are realistic to keep your employees engaged.
  • Build a schedule with deadlines so your employees and you can maintain focus on the goals.

Motivate your employees to reach their development goals by working together to formulate them.  Guide them to stick to manageable goals and then scale those goals up over time as they achieve them.

Drive learning by attaching a reward to each goal achievement and developing a personal meaning for your employees to achieve their goals.

Set sustainable development goals that are sensible and have realistic timetables, and your employees will hit and surpass those goals and keep going strong.

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